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The eLearning Companion Device Initiative will provide students 24/7 access to learning resources and activities, anytime and anywhere, on and off campus. Uninterrupted learning can occur as students have the ability to pursue educational activities wherever they happen to be. Infinite opportunities and information will be at the learners’ fingertips through the effective use of the internet and software applications. A selection of grade level appropriate apps have been loaded onto the tablet.

To be a good digital citizen includes the responsible use of technology. Students are to act in ways that are safe, legal and ethical. This includes positive interactions with others online, keeping personal information private, and respecting the work of others. A good digital citizen will not participate in and will report online bullying, harassment or hate speech.

It is the students’ and parents’/guardians’ responsibility to protect the issued device. If the device has been broken, lost or stolen parents/guardians will be responsible for fixing and/or replacing the device to remain in the LCD program. If students and/or parents/guardians choose not to continue in the LCD Initiative, simply let us know and you will not be charged for a replacement device.

For more details on the device replacement, see the Costs page.

If you need assistance, contact:
Phone: (559) 457-3939

The Lenovo Tab E8 and the Lenovo Tab M10 tablets were selected based on function, durability and cost. Android provides access to applications and Microsoft Office 365 apps that aide in the student learning and collaboration.

The device is intended to be a companion device to extend the student’s access to technology, apps, learning activities and resources outside the school and campus. Teachers will not require students to bring the companion device to school. However, students may use their companion device to extend and/or complete learning activities that were launched on campus.

The district will provide grade level appropriate content and other resources on the device. If parents/guardians/students would like to add additional apps they may do so at their own expense. Students with the Lenovo Tab 8 can download apps from the Google Play App Store. Purchased apps can be downloaded to other devices and are not the responsibility of the district.

Apps available on Google Play may contain material not suitable for  students. It is the parent or guardian’s responsibility to review apps prior to purchase or installation. The district is not liable for content obtained outside the recommended apps.

To participate, the student’s parent/guardian must read and sign the Parent Agreement form prior to device issuance. Secondary students must agree to the Student Pledge.


  1. Log into ATLAS Parent Portal 
    For instructions, see the Parent Portal Guide (English)   |   Parent Portal Guide (Spanish)   |  Parent Portal Guide (Hmong)
  2. Digitally sign the parent agreement

Secondary Students:

  1. Log into ATLAS Student Portal
  2. Digitally agree to the student pledge

In order to know if the tablet is being used by students, we have installed an app that collects info about how many minutes the tablet is on. The app also collects how many minutes the learning apps that are installed by the district are used.

The app does NOT collect the following:

  • Info from any app on the tablet or any app that is loaded by the student or family after the tablet is accepted
  • Where the tablet is being used
  • Any info that apps use or send

Below are important tips for students and parents/guardians to ensure privacy and security:

  • Don’t give out personal information online, such as name, phone number or home address
  • Never send pictures to strangers
  • Don’t download apps or content without permission
  • Tell an adult if you receive a mean or strange message
  • Students should use devices in common areas for easy monitoring
  • Use the browser’s safe search settings if available

The district will be using Microsoft Intune to manage the Android devices. The district cannot remotely monitor location, turn on services, or access the device camera with these management solutions. It is important that parents/guardians monitor their students’ device usage.

The district will abide by all Federal and State laws governing student privacy including:

  • FERPA – Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act
  • COPPA- Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act
  • CIPA- Children’s Internet Protection Act
  • SOPIPA- Student Online Personal Information Protection Act
  • California Education Code

Internet Safety – Fresno Unified has implemented content filtering and/or blocking technologies to restrict access to inappropriate material while on the district’s network. The student’s parent or guardian is responsible for supervising and monitoring device usage that occurs outside the district network which is anywhere off campus. The district has pre-installed an app from DNS filter. If the content filter has been disabled or the device has not been used, the parent will receive email notification.

Acceptable and Responsible use of technology – The student is expected to abide by the district’s Acceptable Use Policy and practice positive digital citizenship.

Call San Joaquin Valley Internet Consortium at 559.278.0702 or 1-855-8-INTERNET at

Fresno Unified students have access to computers while on campus. The Companion Device is intended to provide the student anytime, anyplace access to additional education resources whether in school or at home. Students will not be required to bring their Companion Devices to school every day.

Preschool through third grade students will have anytime, anyplace, and any pace access to age appropriate educational applications. The goals are to boost reading skills and prepare them for the next grade level. Parents/Guardians are encouraged to partner with their children in learning activities provided with the device. This will help foster and inspire academic growth. For the most effective results, parents/guardians should limit screen time to an hour or two a day.

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